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More than meets the eye…

To my delightful clients, Chuck & Donna, their home is most definitely their castle. They wanted a mural, greeting guests at their front door, summing up that exact sentiment. A mere 3' x 4' mural, very small (relatively speaking,) a lot went into it. This one was definitely "more than meets the eye."

Chuck & Donna wanted a mural similar to Disney's Cinderella Castle. Trademark issues in and of itself were one major consideration, not to mention hand painting all those spires!

In addition, any similar composition would appear much too "busy" for their limited space. Therefore, I suggested trimming down the number of spires, and creating a composition that would not border on trademark infringement.

I had no previous "castle themed" paintings, as a reference to show them. The closest subject matter I had ever painted, in over 25 years as a professional artist, were lighthouses. Thus, I told Chuck & Donna that I would prepare a mock-up design. Depending on the level of detail, some mock-up designs take me as long as painting the actual mural!

I often create a very rough chalk sketch before beginning a mural, but this one required much more detail. Therefore, within the "framed border" provided by the contractor, I used charcoal to layout the composition. Only then, did I begin the actual painting process.

I'm happy to report that my clients are very pleased with their castle mural;

"Debbie Thanks so much... it looks fantastic!

We appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Chuck & Donna."

Music to my artist's ears!

😊👩‍🎨 Debbie

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