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To the Moon, Alice!

This "space shutttle" is one of the most unique commissions I believe I've ever been asked to paint - especially on a driveway!

In Florida, most clients request compositions found in nature; palm trees, birds, beach scenes, etc., to adorn their driveways for

"curb appeal" - and to reflect his or her own personality.

My client and I worked hard on the design of this composition. His father was one of the engineers who worked on the original space shuttle program. In addition, to the space shuttle, both the moon and distant star are also special and symbolic. His mother, who recently passed away at the age of 93, was very dear to my client. And in some symbolic way, the addition of the Moon - and especially the "Star" will serve as a daily, loving remembrance of his mom.

Pardon the cliche's, but my client is truly

"Over the Moon" for his new driveway mural!

Music to my artist's ears!



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