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It’s an Honor…

Updated: Oct 24, 2023


The ultimate validation of one’s work…

I just finished painting an “open window” beach scene mural, for my wonderful clients, Pat and Mark O. It's not my first “open window” composition. However, due to the deeply grooved stucco wall, a bit more challenging - to say the least.

It’s also not the first mural I’ve painted for, Pat and Mark, these very special VIP clients.

There are few honors, bestowed upon an artist, more gratifying than being hired back by the same clients. Pictured here are some murals Pat and Mark have commissioned me to paint, over the past several years, in no less than four of their houses!

Thank you Pat and Mark for choosing me to adorn the walls of all four of your beautiful homes.

The ultimate validation of my work, I am truly honored.

Warmest regards,

😊👩‍🎨 Debbie

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