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Getting into a client’s “Mind’s” Eye!”

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

This very large format driveway mural is no where near completion. A multitude of Tropical flowers will end up being the focal point. The “Bird of Paradise” plant is just the beginning. I must admit, this commission has been quite the challenge!

My clients, who are wonderfully nice people, booked their driveway mural quite some time ago. So they had a lot of time to “think about” the mural before their date rolled around. As a result, loads of ideas began to develop in their minds; thus, they had a great deal of difficulty settling on a final composition. When I showed up to paint they had decided on a completely different composition; from a bright sunset with a few palms, to the work in process image pictured here. A husband and wife couple; he wanted a beach scene with palms, and she really just wanted flowers - lots of them! Having to change gears at the moment I’m supposed to begin to paint is both physically and mentally exhausting! When I got home after that first day on the job, I told my husband I was going to take a hot bath. Lol, he looked at me and said “you better take a glass of wine with you!” Five years of showering, it’s the first time I‘ve ever used the bath tub!

Typically, by the time I arrive on a job, the composition is, if not fully- then nearly, worked out in my head. I learned some years ago to prepare a “study/mock-up“ for my clients, if it happens to be difficult to get a full grasp of what’s in their “mind’s eye.” The reality is, in this case, that has been no easy task. I believe I prepared seven “mock ups,” in my studio, trying desperately to get a clear grasp of their vision. And though it is a large one, seven mock-ups for a driveway mural is definitely a first! 😅

The good news is that we’re finally in sync! The bad news is that “I’m so much farther behind now, I think I’m first!”

Stay tuned everybody!

😂👩‍🎨 Debbie

Day 5, update:

It‘s nearing completion. My client wants a few more red flowers on the right, and a little color in the sky. I’ll also be adding the final touches of light. Hopefully it will just take me one more day to complete the mural. 🤞 😊👩‍🎨Debbie

Day 6, it’s finished!

Added some color to the sky, painted in some more red flowers on the right, and popped some “Light” here and there!

My clients are thrilled with their mural; and I’m proud of how it turned out, too! 😊👩‍🎨Debbie


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