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Updated: Oct 8, 2023


It’s Fall Ya’ll! That time of year when a cool breeze is detected in the air. Time to take a look and assess how the intense heat of the summer has impacted our homes. If you’ve invested in “beautiful curb appeal;” aka, a decoratively coated driveway, take a close look at your investment.

You may have heard otherwise, but based on recommendations from driveway contractors, with whom I work, who have been in business for many years - your driveway may need to be periodically clear coated. My own observations support this theory. I cant’t tell you how often I see decoratively coated driveways, with or without a mural, faded or blemished due to lack of (or improper) care.

A word to the wise, be sure to discuss clear coating with your driveway contractor. If you've purchased a previously owned home, and have no idea who the original contractor was, it's probably a good idea to have your driveway clear coated - every two or three years. The preparation is very important. To protect your investment, hire an experienced professional to do the clear coating of full driveway and sidewalk areas.

And Enjoy your Beautiful Curb Appeal !


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