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Driveway Mural Double the Size!

My wonderful clients, Ron & Cindy Williams, initially engaged my services to paint a 6ft (Palm themed) mural in the center of their driveway. However, after mulling it over, Ron decided BIGGER WAS BETTER! In addition Ron, a fellow artist, likes color and requested much more of it to be incorporated into their mural than pictured in the initial example image that he and Cindy chose. When I arrived at their home, ready to paint, and Ron shared his updated artistic vision with me, I was relieved that I came prepared with a full and colorful palette of paint, and plenty of it! Ultimately, this mural is more than twice the size as was originally planned! Ron and Cindy are thrilled, as are their neighbors, from what Ron and Cindy tell me! Such accolades

, as always, are “Music to My Artist Ears!”

“Beautiful!! We couldn't be happier!!! You were/are an absolute pleasure to work with on this!!☺ “ -Cindy Williams

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