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hot lips.jpg

COVID-19 SPECIAL  I have designed and am producing Hand-Painted  "Hot Lips" Face Masks.  Designed with not only beauty but comfort in mind, the masks are generous in size and made of a soft and pliable smooth-to-the-touch fabric.  The over-the-ear elastic straps can be easily adjusted with a sliding clasp for a perfect fit.  If you have shopped for face masks, then you'll know that all face masks are not created equally.  Many are sized too small and do not adequately cover your nose and mouth  (defeats the purpose), the fabric can feel rough and scratchy (especially after washing), breathing is difficult and the elastic is usually uncomfortably too tight and not adjustable.  And, not to mention, most face masks are far from a fashion statement.  Hot Lips Masks are a fun-to-wear fashion accessory.  Order yours today!

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